The Family Supper Plank

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The Family Supper Plank

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The Family Supper Plank

Volume 1 :  Part 2
The Jennings Hotel
Winter, 2018

The veil is thinning
There is a closeness happening
A bringing back in
Back to center.
I find myself surrounded
By women
Making and growing.


The menu is not quite set but
Judy grows french sorrel on the western slope
She makes a soup in the winter
I think we will start with this
And fresh bread
There will be a farm style cheese from Linda’s cows
And so many vegetables
Stuffed squash and roots
Nicole had an idea for some sort of tangy bright salad
I’m thinking pork from Carmen Ranch
I will call her tomorrow

We would be honored if you would join us for supper in the Gold Room. Please come hungry. Please come open. This will be a family style meal designed around intimacy and connectivity. Connect with your neighbor, connect with your food, connect with the process.

November 3
7:00 pm
Cash Bar

100 N Main St, Joseph, OR 97846