The light filled living room with incredible mountain views to the south

Room six is a cozy respite situated at the southeast corner of The Jennings Hotel. Awash in abundant light throughout the day, the large south facing windows afford incredible views of the Wallowa mountains and a kitchen provides the perfect place to unwind with a home cooked meal. Settle in and browse the curated book collection, then take a load off in the plush leather chair for an afternoon of reading. And of course, don't miss the sauna, it's a must on every visit.

Alpenglow is your alarm clock at The Jennings Hotel

Write a letter to a penpal, or your mother and be sure to sign the guestbook

A fine selection of books to snuggle up with in the big comfy reading chair

The cookin' zone'

Enjoy your dinner or do a puzzle at the dining room table

An open invitation to the sauna accompanies every visit to The Jennings Hotel

Cool out on the sitting room bench by Tom Bonamici

Make the most of your visit by following our guide, hand drawnby Mary Rothlisberger