From starry-eyed dreaming came serious adult conversations, a successful Kickstarter campaign and finally a hotel in progress. To its core The Jennings is a journey about passion, collaboration and community. Equal parts accommodation and art project, you're likely to find new friends passing the ukulele around at a family supper, artists in residence sharing their work and superbly considered spaces, all under our roof.

Since 1910 The Jennings Building has been a landmark on Main Street in Joseph, Ore., evolving over decades to serve the changing needs of rural Wallowa County. After a four year journey Greg Hennes purchased The Jennings in 2014, sending him inexorably down the path of accidental hotelier. With the help of a talented group of friends The Jennings is being transformed from a derelict apartment building into an outpost for artists and a beacon of considered design and gracious hospitality in the mountainous hinterlands of Northeast Oregon.

Three Peninsula Chairs by Ben Klebba of Phloem Studio, co-designer of Room 3 at The Jennings Hotel

The studio of Karie Reinertson & Robert Maddox, aka Shelter Collective, designers of room 6 at The Jennings Hotel

Löyly in Portland, Ore. by Brendon Farrell, designer of Room 7 at The Jennings Hotel

The den of Matt Pierce of Wood&Faulk, co-designer of Room 3 at The Jennings Hotel

The Welded Collection by Lisa Garcia, designer of room 9 at The Jennings Hotel